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The Centre for Creative Development Ltd was registered in Ireland as a limited company in April 2005 with the following specific objectives:















The Centre evolved out of a joint venture by Rody Ryan and Linda Hederman in 2003 to co-facilitate a creativity workshop based on the work of Julia Cameron, author of the famous self-development workbook “The Artist’s Way”.  The name “Centre for Creative Development” was used for advertising the programme and for issuing certificates to honour the creativity and commitment of those who completed it.


Since then, the Centre has hosted many such programmes, branching out to include a wide range of influences and exercises. The testimonials page of the Centre’s website reflects the impact these programmes have on those who complete them.


Creative Development in Business

The Centre provides an important link between issues of personal development described above and the issues of organisational development that Rody has dealt with throughout his 30 years of professional life. As the world becomes smaller and more inter-connected, personal and organisational aspects of development are increasingly linked – not only with each other but also with wider issues of social, economic, political and cultural development.


Through his commercial company, Goldcert Management Systems Ltd, Rody has always been at the forefront of creative approaches to building effective business management systems. The Goldcert Approach to “quality” is based on the need for an organisation to align it’s internal processes with the two other levels – the individual and the social.


The Goldcert Approach focuses on systematic continual improvement of an organisation’s processes in order to release the creative energies of its management and staff to better serve society.  This can only be done effectively where there is a conscious commitment to the dual values of service to the community and the professional and personal development of the staff. This is alignment. Some say this is where an organisation begins to have “Soul”.


Professional Speaking—open your mouth and say “Wow!”

One of the results of Rody’s facilitation of the programmes run by the Centre has been a significant “creative development” in his own thinking. Having started these programmes, he became increasingly active in the Professional Speakers Association. He served as Secretary, attending and/or speaking at several of their meetings in Ireland and the UK as well as attending the Annual Convention of their USA counterpart – the National Speakers Association .


In these settings, he found a great openness and appreciation for the many other interests that have motivated him in life, but which he seldom mentioned in his business dealings. His penchant for blues music and playing his own harmonica (waa-waa!). His life-long interest in theatre as a writer, actor, director, workshop facilitator. His frequent participation in poetry readings. His active commitment to multi-denominational education in Ireland as Chairperson of Educate Together in the 1980’s. His contribution to Dublin’s architectural heritage by spearheading the successful campaign to preserve the historic Furry Park House in Killester.  His love of dance, and especially the Five Rhythms dance practice developed by Gabrielle Roth. His training as a bio-energy therapist and as an Imagework practitioner.  And, of course, his continuing facilitation of creativity programmes at the Centre for Creative Development.


Through this experience he has become increasingly conscious of the challenge and benefits of bridging the gap between our personal and social interests and values and the more formal setting of the business world. It’s as if there are two kinds of creativity -  personal and organisational – and “ne’er the twain shall meet”. And yet true creativity lies precisely at the intersection of apparently disparate frames of reference. It happens when yin meets yang. When fire meets water. When Archimedes withdraws from mental effort to relax in a bath. When the CEO of a major multinational drops some of her “shoulds” and slips off for a weekend of dancing the Five Rhythms.



The Three Levels

The Centre for Creative Development has grown out of a recognition of the need for greater alignment of our creativity with our individual, organisational  and social levels of activity.


The Centre is a framework for exploring and applying the principles of creative growth, change and development at each of these levels.


Individual Level: We facilitate workshops and one-on-one mentoring on personal creativity, encouraging participants to:

· share a journey into the hidden depths of our own creativity,

· unravel the knots that often prevent us from fully exploring our own potential and

· formulate clear and achievable goals that can guide us into an exciting future very different from our past.

We also encourage, promote and facilitate the expression of individual and group creativity wherever possible. The “Activity List” on this site provides one example of this support.


Organisational Level: For business purposes the Centre provides training and consultancy services through Goldcert Management Systems Ltd. These services focus on creative programmes for continual improvement in all aspects of the organisation’s activities.. Moving way beyond the narrow financial “bottom-line” concept of organisational success, we explore the full range of impacts and responsibilities that apply to an organisation. Extracting the best from international standards on Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental management systems, we help to align the individual, organisational and social aspects of an organisation’s activities.


In promoting excellence in business, we encourage continual improvement in creative personal development as well as in the area of corporate social responsibility.


Social Level:  The Centre for Creative Development encourages individuals and organisations to pursue creative development in a manner that is aligned with and contributes to the highest levels of human welfare.   The Centre provides a platform for the sharing of creative ideas and experience to an ever-wider audience through a range of current and planned activities. These include:

· professional speaking

· exhibitions of creative achievement

· workshops, seminars, publications

· The website www.centreforcreativedevelopment.com


A major focus of all such activities is the urgent need for continual improvement and creative development in our approach to the social impact of decision-making by organisations and individuals.

About Us

Text Box: “To promote and facilitate creative development at the individual, organisational and social levels; research, training and consultancy on creativity; the sale of related books, recordings, videos and software; certification of creative achievement; organisation of public events related to creative development”.